A Time Measured In Passion ~ Bradford Marx

Art is alive. 

Living among us. 

From the soul to the mind. 

From conceptual to material. 

Medium to message. 

And yet we too often lean toward an understanding of Art as productivity measured by product. The pursuit of consistency in place of experimentation. 

But we need not submit, for Art cares not! 

Whether real or imagined, executed or destroyed, corporeal or astral; Art as life defies understanding or judgment. 

Art offers unconditional immunity -- from the graven relics of fashion, praise, mockery, achievement, torture, death, redemption.  All at once. 

For Art surrounds and joins us in life through an existence beyond our most advanced concepts of everlasting embodiment.  Evanescent and ancient; cherry blossom and fossil. 

And yet there’s time still! 

For Art is yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  But only if we accept a new time. 

A time as measured in Passion.