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Original Art and Limited Multiples

Original street art and fine art multiples from internationally acclaimed artists and designers.
We hope you will enjoy this curated collection of original art and limited edition multiples.

Art in Commerce

A curated selection of Arteur goods, including available original art, limited multiples, apparel, footwear, accessories, e-books and more.


In pursuit of our goals, we introduce The ARTEUR which we hope may be viewed as more of a way forward than a disruptive rejection of the dynamics of the Contemporary Art World.

And so we work...

Art Publications

ARTEUR offers a range of e-books, online prose and short stories to complement its range of printed books and 'zines ...

Poetry & PROSE

Time Measured In Passion

Art is alive.

Living among us.

From the soul to the mind.

From conceptual to material.

Medium to message.

And yet we too often lean toward an understanding of Art as productivity measured by product. The pursuit of consistency in place of experimentation.

But we need not submit, for Art cares not!

Whether real or imagined, executed or destroyed, corporeal or astral; Art as life defies understanding or judgment.

Art offers unconditional immunity -- from the graven relics of fashion, praise, mockery, achievement, torture, death, redemption.  All at once.

For Art surrounds and joins us in life through an existence beyond our most advanced concepts of everlasting embodiment.  Evanescent and ancient; cherry blossom and fossil.

And yet there’s time still!

For Art is yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  But only if we accept a new time.

A time as measured in Passion.

~ Andy Howell, 2023


Part 1: Andy Howell's Art Journey

About The ARTEUR

The ARTEUR was conceived in an effort to offer support and guidance to artists who choose to create Art in spite of the complexities of modern life, and the dwindling financial opportunities to sustain the work in the face of entrenched media, galleries, and auction houses imbued with gatekeeper roles. 

Aside from the desire to encourage Artists to persevere in creating and sharing work despite daunting obstacles, ARTEUR seeks to define a new concept, the “Artrepreneur,” to foster self-reliance and the confidence to join a new way forward in controlling the destiny of our art futures. 

In pursuit of these goals, we introduce the ARTEUR Manifesto, which we hope may be viewed as more of an encouraging way-forward than a disruptive rejection of the dynamics of Art that brought us to where we stand today. 

There is much to be done and much we can do in celebration of the life-giving force that has chosen, inspired and saved so many of us past, present, and future. 

And so we work.

“Everything you can imagine is real.”  ~ Picasso    

Art Is To Be Lived
Curated by Andy Howell for ARTEUR

Art is to be lived. The images that now hang on your wall, or adorn the material objects populating your space, began as creative moments in the lives of artists. Each moment arose out of a particular context—the rhythm of that place, the language of those people, the ideas and activities that animated their being—then gained physical expression as a piece of art. It survives not merely as a commodity but as a crystallization of spirit.  Art is an ongoing creative experience to be lived, and in that spirit the artist is devoted without reserve to living up to this standard.

We hope you will enjoy this curated collection of original art and limited edition multiples.